There were a lot of rumors recently about the death of facts
and even the death of statistics.
I believe the core of the problem is that working with facts is quite tedious and the results are
often not particularly exciting. Social media made it extremely easy to share your own opinions
in an engaging way, but what we are missing is a similarly easy and engaging way to share facts
backed by data.

This is, in essence, the motivation for The Gamma project that I’ve been working on
. After several experiments, including the
visualization of Olympic medalists,
I’m now happy to share the first reusable component based on the work that you can try and use
in your data visualization projects. If you want to get started:

The package implements a simple scripting language that anyone can use for writing simple data
aggregation and data exploration scripts. The tooling for the scripting language makes it super
easy to create and modify existing data analyses. Editor auto-complete offers all available
operations and a spreadsheet-inspired editor lets you create scripts without writing code – yet,
you still get a transparent and reproducible script as the result.